Reach your Writing Goals with a Schedule

Juggling a blog, social media, your WiP, competition entries – not to mention your day job – can make it feel like you need twelve pairs of hands. If you’re struggling to keep your writing on track, a simple schedule may be the answer. Here’s how to make it work:

Make a List

First, write a list of everything you want to work on, something like:

  • 2nd edit of Work in Progress
  • Blog posts
  • Interacting with online community
  • Reading books about writing
  • 1st draft of competition entry

Notice I’ve included reading in there. Your schedule doesn’t just need to be all about writing.

Allocate your Tasks

Now you know what you want to work on, allocate one task to each day. Your schedule could be longer than seven days if you have a lot of things to get through. And remember – give yourself some time off. Like any muscle, your brain needs ‘recovery’ time to get stronger.

Measure your Aims

For each task, decide what your aim will be – such as write 200 words, edit three pages, or just work for one hour. Add a specific time (after the kids are in bed for example) if you need to.

Write it Down

Whether it’s a sticky note on laptop or pinned to the wall in big bold letters, make sure it’s visible. Its there to remind you – and any other potential time stealers – that you have work to do!

Change it if you Need to

Your schedule is going to change as you complete tasks anyway, but if any part if it isn’t working, then change it. And if you’re inspired to work on something ‘off schedule’, then do it!

Do you have a schedule? How do you juggle all your writing demands?

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26 thoughts on “Reach your Writing Goals with a Schedule

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  1. Good article, I especially like “Measure your aims” I think that’s an important one. I always keep my diary with me and each week I fill it in with what tasks I need to do and can cross them off as needed. It’s all about prioritising and making time, then using that time efficiently 🙂

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    1. Thanks! Sounds like you’ve got a routine that works well for you. I use lists all the time at work and for my writing. Not only keeps me organised, it’s a little bit of a mental boost when you tick things off.

      Liked by 1 person

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