Writers! What Do You Do All Day?

I hope this post gets a few comments – not because it’s controversial or amazing, but because I’d love to hear what you lot do all day (yeah I’m nosy). Once you’ve had a read of what I get up to, I encourage you to leave a comment about yours. You could even do your own day-in-the-life blog – if you do please tag me!

Here’s a typical Wordlander day

Good morning

I wake up at six or as I like to call it too-flipping-early. If I’m working from home, I get a little lie in till half-six – woo! The usual shower, breakfast, and getting ready gubbins occur and then, if I’m going into the office, I get the train in. I try to do some blogging or catch up on social media on the way (if I can find a seat – yay public transport).

The day job

As a Senior Content Editor, my day is pretty varied. I have meetings and daily stand-ups, review work by other editors, do research, testing and analysis. Sometimes I even get to write. We often get urgent work we have to get out the same day (many things are classified “urgent”).


Lunch is usually at 12:30, but if a meeting crops up (and boy do they) I shuffle it around – but I always try and have it. I get away from the desk by going for a walk either to town or around a nearby park. At home, I’ll go for a walk around the village or do housework – oh the glamour.

Back home – and on to the gym (ugh)

I finish around half four, and it’s back on the train to squeeze in some writing again. Then it’s on to the gym. I’m not, and I can’t stress this enough, a gym bunny. But my sportier other half encouraged me to get into all this fitness malarky. And if I go I can reward myself with a cookie…ah I mean wine…I mean a protein shake. Yep. *shifty eyes*

Time to write

After dinner, I can really focus on writing – or get distracted by Twitter. I’ll work my blog post, my WIP, or something completely unconnected to either. On less “write-y” days, I do admin tasks like filling up my Buffer, or managing my social media channels (this makes me sound way more professional than I am). I work till I run out of steam, or then watch TV or read till bed.

So that’s me! Not that exciting I’ll grant you and weekends are different obviously. If you want to let me know how your day goes in the comments.

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17 thoughts on “Writers! What Do You Do All Day?

Add yours

  1. I start off the day around 4:30, sometimes earlier if I can get myself up. I use that time to run and get ready for work (I have an hour commute and, to avoid traffic, leave just after 6). I work as a marketing coordinator so my day varies from being slow to fast paced – depends on how many things pop up, the graphic design I might have to do, or the projects I’m working on. Lunch consists of me either going out (I try to minimize my spending on lunch) or sitting at my desk with some sort of reading. My commutes usually involve music or a podcast. Lately, while I prefer physical books, I’ve been trying out some audiobooks. By the time I’m home, I usually take a half an hour to an hour to settle down, play with the pets, and work on my writing. If I haven’t gotten up early enough in the morning, I’ll run or do my workout. My nights always include meditation and journaling to help wind down for the evening. Pretty packed!

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      1. I also go to bed early! So it evens out in the end. I just prefer to get my exercise done. Helps me have some energy throughout the day!

        Right now, I’m working on 10% Happier by Dan Harris. I’m big on minimalism and mindfulness so I like books along those lines! I use my local library app to download them for free but I’ve heard audible is a good app.

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  2. Up early, way earlier than I’d like, shower. Get the kid up and moving for school. Drop the kid off at school. Two days a week go home and spend the day grading and prep work for classes, get the kids from school, make dinner, go teach classes until 10 PM, come home, pretend to write but really veg in front of the TV. A different two days, drop the kid at school, head down to campus for a day of writing tutoring, pick the kid up, make dinner, hang with the family, read a bit, write a bit. Fridays, drop the kid off, get groceries, sweep the house, do most of the laundry, maybe write a bit, make dinner, hang with family, maybe read/write a bit more. With my work schedule, there’s really no “normal” day.

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      1. I think we go 8am to 10pm for classes (college level). Maybe 7:30. It’s been a long time since I did early classes. 🙂

        Usually any writing’s during downtime at the tutoring center or when everyone else at home’s asleep. Ironically, it was easier when the kid was younger—research and outline during naps, write at night.

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  3. My days are all so various and crazy…but generally it consists of writing for a few hours, working my retail job, dance rehearsal/performing, and social media job. But all smooshed together on different days. It’s great XD.

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  4. You guys are all so good!

    My day begins around 4am with coffee and email, then runs in a vicious cycle of coffee then “something” until around midnight. I have two chronic illnesses, so toss in random bouts of whining and limping. It gets dicey if my son has military duty and drops off his rat terrier. I’m now responsible for the care and feeding of a living thing. This after I killed all my plants. At some point, the All-Powerful Literary Muse puts me into a trance, which is the only way I can explain the 3500 usable words I have at the end of the day.

    I don’t think I’m doing this right. 😀

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    1. Thanks for sharing! I think you’re doing pretty good what with babysitting dogs and illness. Out of interest can I rent this All-Powerful Literary Muse? If I get 400 words it’s a good day so I need the help!

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  5. Sorry I’m late … NaNo prep.

    I wake about 5:15, have breakfast, and then try to get in a minimum of 30 minutes of writing/editing in before I ready myself for work. Depending on traffic it’s a 10-15 minute drive across town (if the weather is enough in the summer I can ride my bicycle, which is just as fast). I have to park a couple of blocks away, so I then walk the remainder and sometimes workout issues that are at the forefront of my mind thanks to the little bit of work I did before leaving home.

    I work part time on special projects at the local university so I’m off by noon. At home again, I have lunch, check social media, and then put in an afternoon session, the length of which depends on whether I have other obligations or tasks to perform. After dinner and more social media/entertainment I have my evening session before bed. Typically I spend 4-6 hours on some writing activity. I often exceed that during NaNo.

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