Here’s a Foolproof Way to get Blogging Ideas

Finding ideas for blog posts can be tricky. But there's a website I've used in the past that could give you some inspiration. It's called Answer the Public. Very simply you type in a keyword or phrase, and it shows you a bunch of questions asked online by, well, the public. It's a pretty good way… Continue reading Here’s a Foolproof Way to get Blogging Ideas

The Perils of On-demand TV

I've neglected both my blog and my WiP recently. Life has been busy. Not having a bathroom hasn't helped. You don't really want to stay in the home with a wobbly toilet. But now that's nearly over and so I should be able to get back to work. Only Now TV has just added all… Continue reading The Perils of On-demand TV

Why do Blogs become Vacant?

Image of empty building

I went through the blogs I follow recently and was surprised by how many had been 'vacated'. Some bloggers posted about how they were taking a break or leaving entirely. Others had gone onto their own website (and good on them). The ones that intrigued me, were those that just stopped, the last posting giving… Continue reading Why do Blogs become Vacant?

10 Tips for Better Blogging

Image of laptop and notebook

People blog for many different reasons. For a few, it's a full-time job. For much more it's a way of connecting with others, gaining feedback or just a place to share personal thoughts and ideas. Whatever your reasons, here's ten top blogging tips to help you get the best out of your blog: 1. Divide… Continue reading 10 Tips for Better Blogging

Why you Should have an “About” Page on your Blog

Blogging is not just about well, blogging, it's also about following other blogs and being part of a community. Now I don't know about you, but I don't have a particularly sophisticated way of finding blogs to follow. I either search for keywords and then follow posts back to their blog homes or I look… Continue reading Why you Should have an “About” Page on your Blog

Happy Star Wars Day!

Here's a little tale of Star Wars and my family. My brother and I were weaned on fantasy and sci-fi and Star Wars was the tip of the magic mountain. We had toys, books, games - you name it. We were a little obsessed. Fast forward several years and all the family are waiting for… Continue reading Happy Star Wars Day!