Time For A Change In Wordland

Hello, followers (and people just browsing). Since around mid-2019, I’ve aimed to post a new blog once a week, and for the most part, I’ve succeeded. Sticking to this posting schedule has borne some fruit. In fact if you’re on your own blogging journey, consistency really does help! I’ve got 741 followers (hello!) and I’m hopefully on course to exceed my record 7,410 views from last year. I know some people regularly read and comment, so my thanks to you all.

However – as I work full-time in a job that also requires writing, am trying to write a book trilogy, and of course trying to do all the other having-a-life things, it’s not been easy. Coming up with new ideas takes time and effort. My WiP (which I started planning back in 2018) has been badly neglected, and I think one of the reasons is my blog posting target. I’ve only got a few spare “writing calories” and the blog is nomming them all.

So it’s time for a change. There will still be a post this Sunday as usual, but after that, I’m going to reduce my posting frequency to every two weeks. I hope if you are a regular reader, you’ll stick with the blog – and I’ll keep writing about writing!

4 thoughts on “Time For A Change In Wordland

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  1. There is work – there is life – there is bloggy land – you GO! and – I’ve been blogging since 2010 and have less followers than you – so, numbers aren’t the name of the game, here, in my land – even though I so love to read the works of others here, that, in the end, I’m picky about – on the other hand – I, for one, will not notice or diss you if you miss a two week schedule – why?

    Folks that write about stuff I care about – answer their comments without making me the devil’s own for their own reasons? Um, yeah – those folks often doing ‘real work’ in other areas and sounds like you are – thus! Take care and best wishes on your projects and yes, um, I’ll miss ya – but seriously, not your job to provide free content to the entire world! LOL Take care and …….enjoy the new path of change!!!1

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