3 *More* Tips to Get Visitors to Your Blog And Keep Them There

Last year I posted “3 Simple Tips to Get Visitors to Your Blog” after I’d had my most successful blogging year ever. This year, I stuck to the actions I talked about in that blog – – and I’ve had an even better year, including my best year for likes and comments! My main aim this year was to engage with my visitors as opposed to just gaining more. So I’ve got a few more tips on what I think has helped me have my best blogging year ever.

1) Have a go at guest blogging

I’ve only done this once so far, but I hope to do it again soon. There are many bloggers out there who offer guest spots, so take a look at your favourite blogs to see if the opportunity is available. The bloggers who do offer these spots are often well-established with a big audience, meaning you get a get more eyes on your writing and may get a few extra followers to your own blog.

2) Ask and ye shall receive

It takes a bit of effort to write a comment even if you really like (or dislike) a blog post. So it can help to let your readers know that, hey their contribution is definitely wanted! At the end of all my blogs posts I ask people for their experiences of what I’ve written about – or simply what they think of the post. And since doing so I’ve noticed a definite uptick in the number of comments I get.

3) And don’t forget to reply!

If people are good enough to leave you comments, make sure to like and reply to them to keep the conversation going! Try to write something thoughtful and not just a generic thank-you.

So there’s three more blogging tips – do you have any you’d like to share? Let me know in the comments.

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    1. In my day job, one of the rules is never leave people without a way to continue. Even though I’m not trying to get people to sign up or buy anything, I try to remember that for my blog too. Guest blogging was fun, if nerve-wracking. I’d like to do it more next year.

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