Wordland is on Instagram – But Not How you Might Think

I’ve blogged about my love/hate relationship with social media before (is there any other type?) But as I explained in that post, these days you simply can’t avoid it especially if you want to share your creativity with the world. And as it’s the new year, I’ve decided to try out a new way to share socially – Instagram.

I’ve got the Facebook page and Twitter feed, but I’ve been thinking about putting Wordland on Instagram for a while now. I’ve even posted about ways writers can use Instagram, but I’ve not taken the leap myself. Why? Well, writers usually use it to share short pieces of work (Instapoets ahoy!), snippets of advice, or writing quotes. And I was concerned that my writing doesn’t easily lend itself to this kind of snapshot of work.

On the other hand, I’ve got a lot of pictures from my “Get inspired” trips. So my plan is to primarily share these images along with interesting info about the places themselves. And I’ll maybe see if I can work in some writing and blogging tips if I think they’ll be useful.

So if you’re interested in following me on Instagram, you can find me there under (shockingly) @wordlander. And if you’re on there yourself, leave your handle in the comments so I can follow you! Oh also share any advice you might have for budding Instagrammers in the comments too.

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