The Cauldron Trilogy – the Plan is done!

It's taken four months, 21 pages and over 11.5K of words to complete my plan for 'The Cauldron Trilogy'. And whilst this is terrific, I'm fully aware that any book plan is on uneven ground once you start writing and your characters try to misbehave. This is the most complex writing project I've ever attempted,… Continue reading The Cauldron Trilogy – the Plan is done!

Notebook collection: Tolkien – Maker of Middle Earth

I wanted to share a few photos of this exhibition, currently on in the Weston Library, but photography isn't allowed. That's understandable so instead please enjoy these photos of the notebook and badges I bought at the library shop. The exhibition itself isn't big but it's free and packed with artifacts from Tolkiens life and… Continue reading Notebook collection: Tolkien – Maker of Middle Earth

Unlocking the Secrets of Dana Prison, Shrewsbury

There are some places you never think you'll see the inside of and a modern-day prison is certainly one of them. Dana Prison in Shrewsbury, which closed in 2013, offers visitors a rare glimpse behind bars. Originally opened in 1793, the current main building dates from 1877. It was stripped of most of its fixtures… Continue reading Unlocking the Secrets of Dana Prison, Shrewsbury

Roman riches – Placa del Rei, Museu d’Historia de Barcelona

Underneath Barcelona lies an ancient Roman world. After you enter the Museu d'Historia de Barcelona, you're at first confronted with standard exhibits. But then you enter a lift and go down, down, down back in time to when Romans walked the streets. Over 4000 m2 of beautifully preserved streets, factories and shops lie under metal… Continue reading Roman riches – Placa del Rei, Museu d’Historia de Barcelona

3 Ways Writers can use Instagram

phone showing Instagram feed

Websites and apps can be more of a hindrance than a help when it comes to writing. But just as Pinterest can help writers, so can Instagram. Plenty of people shy away from it, pointing out that the unrealistic view of reality it promotes isn't exactly healthy. But the same can be said of everything… Continue reading 3 Ways Writers can use Instagram