6 Reasons To Have a Blog

The internet has shaken up our world in many ways. Not least in how it's given everyone who can get online the opportunity to put themselves out there. One of the earliest ways to do this was by via a blog. Before the high-speed internet the web ran on words and you, me and Uncle... Continue Reading →

Kite Calls

she calls hey-up to the sky rides the same pattern swirls to the horizon sees a cacophony flutter green feathers silver shines she spies for the smallest unconcerned about this one walking below A yawn for the morning air. She follows the same pattern, breakfast, coffee, kids. This morning she stops, hears the cry of... Continue Reading →

Myth and Magic at Glastonbury Abbey

Even on a dark, rainy day, Glastonbury Abbey is impressive. This vast building was once one of the richest monasteries in England. Now it's mostly ruined. Glastonbury is a place synonymous with myth and legend, so it's perhaps not surprising that the abbey has a few stories in its past. The first story lies in... Continue Reading →

Tyntesfield – Where “Sherlock” Went Gothic

To say Tyntesfield is Gothic is an understatement. This place is Goth-ick. It's so Gothic it'd make Goths go green with envy - under their pale makeup obviously. Fans of the BBCs' "Sherlock" should recognise Tyntesfield from the episode "The Abominable Bride" a (sort of) homage to the original Victorian setting of Arthur Conan-Doyles' detective... Continue Reading →

4 Ways to Cope With Writing Criticism

Put anything you create out into the great wild world and you'll be guaranteed to get some criticism back. If you're lucky it will be of the useful "constructive" variety, but it's likely some of it won't be. No-one's writing is ever universally liked or without the potential to offend. But even though it comes... Continue Reading →

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