Can Fidgeting Help You Write?

I fidget a lot. It's triggered by a combination of an overactive imagination and anxiety. Anything is fair game to be fiddled with - pens, necklaces, buttons, watch straps, as well as just generally shifting about, no matter if I'm sitting or standing. But can fidgeting help you write? Science would say...maybe. Some research has... Continue Reading →

A Simple Fix For Writer’s Block

We all struggle with writer's block from time to time. There are a few ways you can try to solve it, but the easiest and simplest way? Move. There are a couple of ways you can do this Move yourself Exercising can help with your writing but I know it's not everyone's bottle of energy... Continue Reading →

Stuck For a Writing Idea? Start Digging

You stare into space and wait for an amazing idea to strike. We've all been there. Popular culture would have you believe that inspiration just hits you when you're buying a loaf of bread or weeding your flower beds. Sometimes a spark will appear like Harry Potter wandering down a train aisle and into JK... Continue Reading →

Light and Literature – Stourhead Library

(Pre-lockdown visit m'kay) This will probably come as a surprise to absolutely no-one, but my favourite part of any big, old house is the library. Frankly, a grand house without a library is just a waste of time. Stourhead in Wiltshire contains one of my favourite grand house libraries. It's a gorgeously light and airy... Continue Reading →

How To Be UN-productive

This post is partly inspired by current events. But truth be told I've been thinking about productivity anyway. We live in a social-media-driven, side-hustle, Youtuber-blogger-Instagrammer world. Everyone has the perfect job, house, car, children, pet, etc, etc. We know it's not real, but that doesn't mean it doesn't get to us, especially when we're looking... Continue Reading →

Can Writing Make you Feel Better?

Everyone has good days and bad days. Some people's bad days are worse than others. And sometimes those bad "days" last weeks, months or even years. In traumatic times, writers often turn to their craft as a way to deal with things. But the therapeutic nature of writing is complicated. Writing can help - but... Continue Reading →

Reading Out Loud

A good writer has to be a big reader. But I think a good writer also needs to get comfortable with the sound of their own voice. Yes, you need to start reading out loud. But why? I hear you whisper. I hear you (just). Writers, on the whole, are quiet folk (alright Oscar Wilde... Continue Reading →

A Kitchen Fit For A King – Hampton Court Palace

(Visited before current events obviously)Henry VIII is an enduring source of fascination for many. His story has enough murder, betrayal, plotting, war, and plague for several Shakespeare plays. In fact, Tudor times, in general, were extremely turbulent - perfect fodder for writers! If you're writing anything set in this particular period of history it might... Continue Reading →

Your Writing Is Important 

I'm going to get a bit serious for this one - hopefully that won't stop you reading. I've had cause to share this post more than once over the past few years as the world seemingly tries to outdo itself with more and more surreal events. And here we are again wondering what's going on... Continue Reading →

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