Portmeirion – You’re not a Number, but you are a Tourist

Bathed in sunshine, this could be the coast of Italy - but its actually North West Wales. Portmeirion is a tourist resort best known is certain circles for the cult TV show 'The Prisoner'. Its otherworldly vibe was perfect for the mind bending show where a man was trapped, numbered and pursued by a giant… Continue reading Portmeirion – You’re not a Number, but you are a Tourist

Download ‘Under this Skin’ for just 99p

Under this Skin book cover image

Trude doesn’t expect much from life anymore. Least of all a mysterious box, a possible romance and some distinctly unusual ‘growing pains’... In case you weren't aware, 'Under this Skin', my dark, funny and downright odd e-book is now only 99p on Amazon Kindle. If you're not sure whether it's the kind of thing for… Continue reading Download ‘Under this Skin’ for just 99p

Abandoned Buildings in the Azores – Part 1

Interior of Gerna Manor - Azores

The Azores are a stunning set of islands in the Atlantic, formed by volcanos and colonised by the Portuguese in the 15th-century. They're perfect for walkers with lush, mountainous trails dotted with fascinating points of interest - including an abandoned building or two. This is what's left of Grena Manor, built next to Lake Furnas… Continue reading Abandoned Buildings in the Azores – Part 1