Learn about Writing from your Favourite Authors

Learn from your favourite authors

I try not to read my favourite authors as a "writer". Deconstructing creative works can often suck the life out of them (and equally make you appreciate them more, it's a fickle thing). But if you are a writer, you'll be a reader and you'll be learning whilst reading whether you intend to or not.… Continue reading Learn about Writing from your Favourite Authors

Exploring Kents Cavern, Devon

I love a good cave. Not in a hard-hat-gee-that's-a-tight-squeeze-caving kind of way, but anywhere with a decent cave tour gets my attention. Kents Cavern in Devon have a very good tour and literally layers of history to uncover. The caves have provided shelter to animals and humans for thousands of years. A human jawbone fragment… Continue reading Exploring Kents Cavern, Devon

Terry Pratchett: His World, Salisbury Museum, UK

Terry Pratchett moved to a village outside of Salisbury in 1993 and lived there until his death. The Terry Pratchett: HisWorld exhibition is all about his life and full of personal items. Given his worldwide fame, it's not surprising that people have come from around the globe to visit this exhibition about Sir Terry Pratchett's… Continue reading Terry Pratchett: His World, Salisbury Museum, UK

Around Wells Cathedral and The Chained Library

Wells is the smallest city in the UK. Its status as a city dates from medieval times, and depends on its stunning cathedral complex. It's been a filming location for a number of productions including 'Poldark', 'Dunkirk' and 'Hot Fuzz' - the high street and market place are immediately recognisable from the climactic shoot-out scene.… Continue reading Around Wells Cathedral and The Chained Library

Want Something Scary to Read this Halloween? ‘Tales from the Creeping Edges’ will be available to download 31st October

Image of a dark path

Halloween is a time to curl up inside, away from the dark and damned. It's a time to dim the lights, light the fire and read my collection of supernatural stories, 'Tales from the Creeping Edges'. That's right folks, my next e-book will be ready to buy on the 31st October. The world looks ordinary,… Continue reading Want Something Scary to Read this Halloween? ‘Tales from the Creeping Edges’ will be available to download 31st October

Notebook Collection #8 – Winchester Cathedral

Winchester was the capital of ancient Sussex. Alfred the Great established Winchester as his base when he started to unite together the disparate parts of what would be England. He's still there today, commanding the High Street opposite the Town Hall. It always seemed a magical place to me, a world away from the sixties… Continue reading Notebook Collection #8 – Winchester Cathedral