3 Things All Writers Can Learn From… Sci-fi

Welcome to the next “3 Things”. This week we’re getting speculative with science fiction. Read on to find out what all authors can learn from this genre.

1) How to ground your writing in reality

One of the main features of science fiction is that it’s often based on theories and possibilities we have now – that’s the science part of science fiction. As a genre, it really is the definition of the ultimate writer’s question “what if”. Sci-fi may be fictional, but unlike fantasy, it’s pretty much always grounded in some form of reality. Anchoring your own writing in reality even in small ways will help your reader connect to your work.

2) How to explore what it means to be human

All fiction is, in some way, a take on humanity. But sci-fi often cleaves closest to this vein, by taking on non-human form. Aliens, robots, Artificial Intelligence, and also, of course, humans but ones living in far-flung worlds, and surrounded by machinery and technology, even amalgamated with it. Sci-fi can focus our thoughts on what humanity really means, and that’s something all writers benefit from understanding more about.

3) How to refresh an adveture

Some people can be a bit derogatory about certain sci-fi calling it “space opera”. These works are looked down on as frothy and frivolous. Those who are fans of sci-fi might deride it as work that doesn’t really need to be set in a sci-fi setting. But blending other genres into science fiction is a tried and trusted way of breathing new life into older tropes. And that’s something that can work with other genres too. If you’re looking for a different way to write your story, try re-thinking your setting.

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