Take a trip to Zozoville


my favorite berlin artists showing their piece...
(Photo credit: pengrin™)

“A platform for freaks, misfits, and the occasional well balanced individual.” This is Zozoville.

Zozoville is a collaboration between Johan Potma and Mateo Dineen. I encountered their work on a trip to Berlin where they and the Zozoville Gallery are based. Walking through a small craft market in the museum district, I noticed a stall selling prints covered in wild and wonderful characters. My eyes lit up like a child and I ferreted through the images. I could have bought a whole bunch, but eventually picked just one. A girl facing off with monsters, unafraid and curious.

I love the creatures, reminiscent of cartoons from my childhood like ‘Trapdoor’ and ‘Stoppit and Tidyup‘ and of course the more recent ‘Monsters Inc‘. Like Yerka’s work, there are stories in each image, human ones even though the characters are fantastical.

So go take a visit and let me know what you think!

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