Myth and Magic at Glastonbury Abbey

Even on a dark, rainy day, Glastonbury Abbey is impressive. This vast building was once one of the richest monasteries in England. Now it's mostly ruined. Glastonbury is a place synonymous with myth and legend, so it's perhaps not surprising that the abbey has a few stories in its past. The first story lies in... Continue Reading →

Tyntesfield – Where “Sherlock” Went Gothic

To say Tyntesfield is Gothic is an understatement. This place is Goth-ick. It's so Gothic it'd make Goths go green with envy - under their pale makeup obviously. Fans of the BBCs' "Sherlock" should recognise Tyntesfield from the episode "The Abominable Bride" a (sort of) homage to the original Victorian setting of Arthur Conan-Doyles' detective... Continue Reading →

Deja Vu at Quinta da Regaleria

There was a moment as we walked through the magical gardens of this park that my other half said he was sure he'd been here before, not in person, but in a dream. I knew exactly what he meant. The Quinta da Regaleria is one of a number of outlandish buildings and parks located near... Continue Reading →

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