Get Organised with This Classic Books Calendar

We’re a step or two into January now and to help keep track of time as the days continue to merge into one, I’ve got a new calendar. This literary design is by illustrator Laura Crow (here’s her shop on Not on the High Street) and features awesome drawings inspired by classic books.

The black and white images are simple and expressive. There’s even one of my all-time favourite book, Alice in Wonderland.

I’m hoping I will eventually have actual events to go to add on here at some point. But if nothing else, I’ll also have some lovely pictures to keep after the year is done.

This is my plan for last year’s calendar featuring pictures by Jacek Yerka. As his works are a little out of my price range, this may be the closest I get to hanging one up on my wall!

Laura also does cards, notebooks, wrapping paper and some cool enamel pins, so check out her stuff!

So what do you think? Do you have a calendar for this year or a favourite one from the past? Please share in the comments.

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7 thoughts on “Get Organised with This Classic Books Calendar

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  1. I get an annual calendar from 3 of clients and 4 of vendors I support throughout the year – – they are all nice and and investment of marketing money by those who ‘Christmas Gift Thank their supporters/staff/clients – – but my fave? Is the one that features pictures from the owner/CEO of a small local company – – He loves photography – has his camera in his truck at all times – – and he works through all the pictures he took of scenes around the locale he serves ‘doing his job’ and puts out a calendar that is breathtaking and beautiful – but also, is a 12 month capture of moments in time, from LAST Year! That is the one I love best and send a thank you note for, every year – 🙂

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