9 Things I Did on my Holiday

Sat by a pool Walked A LOT. I mean a lot. We somehow decided that we’d get 10,000 steps in even though we were, you know, ON HOLIDAY. When I say “we decided” I mean I reluctantly went along with my boyfriend’s idea.  Wrote the first drafts of two poems and one short story (woot!)… Continue reading 9 Things I Did on my Holiday

So I did Write (a little bit)

Hellooooo everybody! I'm back from my holiday - the photo above is of the view from our villa. Yeah is was pretty awesome! Anyhoo in reference to my previous post, I did manage to do some writing. A teeny tiny bit of oh, say a couple of hundred words. Not much but it's better than nothing… Continue reading So I did Write (a little bit)

To Write or not to Write (whilst lazing in a hammock)

I'm off on holiday next week (yay) and I'll be taking a notebook with me (from my extensive collection) with the intention of writing whilst I'm out there. I've done this every single holiday my boyfriend and I have taken over the past eight years and so far I've never managed to write anything. The… Continue reading To Write or not to Write (whilst lazing in a hammock)