Terry Pratchett: His World, Salisbury Museum, UK

Terry Pratchett moved to a village outside of Salisbury in 1993 and lived there until his death. The Terry Pratchett: HisWorld exhibition is all about his life and full of personal items. Given his worldwide fame, it's not surprising that people have come from around the globe to visit this exhibition about Sir Terry Pratchett's… Continue reading Terry Pratchett: His World, Salisbury Museum, UK

I Bought the Final Discworld Novel

Well, I had to didn't I? The final Discworld novel. After this, there will be no more. I knew this day would come eventually, but it shouldn't have come so damn soon. I've started reading it and it's just as good as I expected albeit tinged with bittersweetness in every word. One day I shall… Continue reading I Bought the Final Discworld Novel

Terry Pratchett Goodies

Terry Pratchett book and calender

I'm happy to report I received the new Terry Pratchett book (thanks Mum and Dad). On top of that I found a 2015 Discworld calendar on sale! I've got The Illustrated Wee Free Men that features Stephen Player's artwork, and definitely think he's a good fit for the stories. What do you think? Related reads… Continue reading Terry Pratchett Goodies

An Open Fan Letter to Sir Terry Pratchett

I recently started reading Terry Pratchett's latest book 'Raising Steam', with a slightly heavy heart. Not because I didn't think I'd enjoy it, I knew I would, but because each new book brings us a bit closer to the time where there will be no more new books. He has a very rare form of… Continue reading An Open Fan Letter to Sir Terry Pratchett

What are your Favourite Books?

This list is part of a much bigger one of 'books I can't live without', but I whittled it down to five because it's easier to build a blog post around it.┬áTop (insert number here) lists are entirely objective of course, but I quite like them. So now, without further ado and in no particular… Continue reading What are your Favourite Books?