Poetry – Elder Cry

I am tired My eyelids heavy My lips are raw My fingers crack.   I have gills Not lungs inside me Breath far stretched Held for sea salt.   I feel my bones Under this cotton Layers weighted In baby pink.   I had tall wings Now cut and taped down Itch paper skin Feathers... Continue Reading →

Poetry – Still

If I breathe everything will break. I capture the moment through half closed lashes. The grass, neat as plastic, trimmed by endless sheep. The azure ozone dusted with clouds topped by a golden globe. A flotilla of geese wafts across the sunglass tinted water. Green spires stretch higher and higher till my eyes go numb.... Continue Reading →

A Nightmare to Remember

We've been away for a few days in the wilds of Dartmoor, an area thick with inspiring scenery and mythology.  Our home away from home was an manor house turned hotel, complete with roaring fires, wood panelling, a cosy library - and possibly a ghost or two. I'm not sure if it was the hotel... Continue Reading →

Find Inspiration in your Dreams

I dream a lot. Let me re-phrase that - I remember a lot of my dreams. Real, asleep type dreams, not inspiring-song-lyric type dreams. A dream can easily involve a group of teenagers, a murderous teacher, a giant mountain-dwelling monster and a secret order of monks. They're pretty hectic. Unfortunately, all the running around, fighting,... Continue Reading →

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