A Nightmare to Remember

We've been away for a few days in the wilds of Dartmoor, an area thick with inspiring scenery and mythology. ¬†Our home away from home was an manor house turned hotel, complete with roaring fires, wood panelling, a cosy library - and possibly a ghost or two. I'm not sure if it was the hotel... Continue Reading →

Prose – The Moon

It was the moon that made her fall. She had been running for an age, scratched and bloodied on her feet and arms with scalp and back slick with sweat. Her scarf was long lost and her hair, haphazard gold and dark tones, flowed behind her like a sail. The trees were dark guards, the... Continue Reading →

Poetry – Trace

You long to press your forehead to the cold window pane and breathe, then trace a message of escape in reverse. Clutching your safety blanket, liquid for lost fingers, you wonder if another one could take all these cares away. Tied to your wrist, the silver string that leads to your distant whole, strains and... Continue Reading →

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