The Cauldron Trilogy begins…

The Ramsay family moved to Coulden Wells dreaming of a quiet country life. But the moment they passed the village boundary, they were doomed to be part of fate. Because Coulden Wells is not the pretty English hideaway it seems. For centuries it has been protected by a coven of witches. And they have misused… Continue reading The Cauldron Trilogy begins…

Poetry – Elder Cry

I am tired My eyelids heavy My lips are raw My fingers crack.   I have gills Not lungs inside me Breath far stretched Held for sea salt.   I feel my bones Under this cotton Layers weighted In baby pink.   I had tall wings Now cut and taped down Itch paper skin Feathers… Continue reading Poetry – Elder Cry

Harry Potter Studio Tour

Model of Hogwarts

The Harry Potter Studio Tour is based in the Warner Bros. Studios where much of the movies were filmed. I'm not going to rabbit on about how much I love Harry Potter, and how great this tour is. I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves. Enjoy!     Related reads Notebook Collection - #4… Continue reading Harry Potter Studio Tour

Prose – When shall we three meet again?

'When shall we three meet again, in thunder, lighting or in rain?' 'Well you usually get all three together. I'd check the weather forecast.' Lynda, mother of the witches three, shrugged her hood off and glared at the young girl to her left. 'All right Miss smarty pants, put that phone down! Oh never mind.… Continue reading Prose – When shall we three meet again?