The Cauldron Trilogy begins…

The Ramsay family moved to Coulden Wells dreaming of a quiet country life. But the moment they passed the village boundary, they were doomed to be part of fate. Because Coulden Wells is not the pretty English hideaway it seems. For centuries it has been protected by a coven of witches. And they have misused… Continue reading The Cauldron Trilogy begins…

What to do When you Hit a Black Hole with your Writing

I've been a bit quiet recently, due to life and work and things of that ilk demanding my attention. I'd also reached "that bit" in my WiP. "That bit" I've been avoiding. "That bit" I skipped in my first draft because I didn't quite know what was going to happen but that the ending came… Continue reading What to do When you Hit a Black Hole with your Writing

Poetry – The Worm at the Bottom of the Well

There's a worm at the bottom of the well, that curls in it’s unkind skin. The town around it whirls and ebbs, but it finds no peace within. There's a worm at the bottom of the well and I can hear it crying. It’s bursting claws and oozing scales, make living seem like dying. There’s… Continue reading Poetry – The Worm at the Bottom of the Well

Prose – The Big Guy

The thin faced Drone is taking me to see The Big Guy. I’m not surprised. The day I arrived he’d told me The Big Guy was a fan of my work. I’m just happy to get away from the endless filing. We walk through the office. It’s the greyest place I’ve ever seen. The walls,… Continue reading Prose – The Big Guy

Prose – When shall we three meet again?

'When shall we three meet again, in thunder, lighting or in rain?' 'Well you usually get all three together. I'd check the weather forecast.' Lynda, mother of the witches three, shrugged her hood off and glared at the young girl to her left. 'All right Miss smarty pants, put that phone down! Oh never mind.… Continue reading Prose – When shall we three meet again?

Sheep’s Head Soup

(From as-yet unfinished short story)  We dropped Ben off at his lodgings and I stayed in the car, pretending to be absorbed in the local guide book as he and Runa said their goodbyes. As she drove us back through the undulating shadow of the mountains, I could see the tension returning to her form.… Continue reading Sheep’s Head Soup