When was the Last Time you Backed-up your Work?

Conversation between my boyfriend and I:

‘Have you backed up your writing recently?’

‘No actually. Very sweet of you to remind me.’

‘Well, I just don’t fancy dealing with you if you lost it.’

Er, thanks.

But seriously, backing up your work is vital if you write on any kind of electronic device be it a computer, tablet or laptop. And it should be a habit to get into every time you write. Not just when you’ve finished a session either. Machines have a nasty way of decides going on strike unexpectedly and flushing an hours hard graft neatly down the drain.

Two simple ways to backup

On a USB stick/Flash drive

A memory stick is a cheap and easy way to save your data. You can get 64 gigabytes of storage for around twelve pounds, you’ll have plenty of space for all your words and a few images too! Just simply plug the stick into your device via a USB port and you’re away.  It’s a simple way to transfer your work between different devices without needing the Internet. On the con side of things, it’s not easy to keep away from the same destruction your device itself may suffer like a flood or fire. And it can be easily lost.

In the Cloud

If you work on a Chromebook or any device that uses Cloud storage, your work will usually be saved automatically. Cloud storage has the advantage of being away from your device so should something happen where it’s being stored, your work is safe. It’s free (up to a certain amount; Google gives you 15GB) and you can set it up to back up automatically. On the other hand your information could be vulnerable to a hack and isn’t in your ‘physical’ possession.

Multiple back up is best

These are only two options, there are more but I think these are the easiest and cheapest. Ultimately though your best bet is to use both (or even more), so you have several backups in case one fails.

What’s your backup schedule? What do you use? Any stories of lost work?

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