About that New Year’s Resolution…

At the beginning of last year I posted about resolutions and how it was best to keep things simple.  I made a promise to finish my second edit and that was it.  So have I done it? Er…

…yes and no.

Yes I managed to edit all the chapters of my original work and in doing so now have seven more chapters. No, I didn’t manage to finish it.

To be fair to me (sometimes you have to give yourself a break), the text wasn’t finished to begin with, although a distance end was somewhere in place there was a gap in my final third.  I let the book take it’s course and have been led to two new characters (and maybe more) I hadn’t met before. The book is heading somewhere new and I’m back in the realm of white screens waiting to be filled.  It’s both daunting and uplifting.  Whilst I have’t yet reached my goal, I’m now closer to achieving it. And I’m proud of that.

I’ve also been very invested in this blog in recent months, moving forward in a more professional way with some heartening results and I’m proud of that too.

So – will I make another resolution?  Yes, in fact I’ll make two.  First to finish this second edit and begin the third which I know I can do if I knuckle down (and shut off the internet heh). Second to keep building this blog, following more people and posting in an interesting and innovative way.

Anyone else achieve a resolution they made last year? Or made any new ones this year? Share them below!

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