Where’s the Oddest place you’ve done it?

Write I mean!

On trains and buses, boats and rooftops, beaches, balconies and the bottom of the sea, we writers will do it anywhere (get your minds out of the gutter please!) I’m sure you know what it’s like to have the Muse (or just the need to flex those writing muscles) strike at an unexpected moment.

Personally, the oddest place I’ve done it was a department store. Working 9-5, you can only re-arrange the cushions and lights and mirrors so many times before you start to feel a bit zombified. In the long periods between customers (because no-one buys lights on a Wednesday afternoon), I used scraps of paper we kept for customer notes to scribble out a ghost story set in, yes, a department store.

So, where’s the oddest place you’ve done your writing?

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5 thoughts on “Where’s the Oddest place you’ve done it?

Add yours

  1. Weirdest Place? Everyday and can’t break the habit? My skull.. noggin’…brain…mind… 🙂 Not a place to traverse, by yourself, after dark…I know it! LOL
    Awesome Title and Post! Thank goodness I saw the first words… “Write I Mean” otherwise, I would have scrolled right on by! Great Job on Titling/Content Format! Cuz if I click through, like, comment, probably way-overkill for the mass media audience! LOL (But I do notice such things! And wanted to tell you – “Thanks!”

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