5 Butt-Kicking Reasons To Finish The Damn Book!

Whether you’re on your first book or your fifteenth, writing doesn’t get easier (unless you can afford to get a team of ghost-writers to do it fo you). Sometimes you need a bit of oomph to get to the end and if that’s you, then read on for some words of (kinda) wisdom.

1) Your characters will finally leave you alone

Writers are driven by the words in our heads. Some are spoken in our own voice, insistently relating the story we want to write. And some are formed in the various voices of our characters. They’ll start yapping even before you begin writing and they’ll continue as you try and maneuver them to the end of your tale. Once you’ve finished, they should cease. Unless of course, they want you to write a sequel…

2) You’ll have an amazing sense of accomplishment

Loads of people talk about writing a book, but few actually do it. You know that. You know the pain and struggle and re-writes and the darlings killed it takes to get your novel to take shape. Few people do it, even fewer do it well. Just by starting you’ve beaten most of the crowd, but why not finish and go one better?

3) You know you can do it

Many writers ask “how do I know that I can write?” Er, you write. Self-confidence is a difficult thing for many – I know it certainly is for me. When I finished my first book, I knew my writing dreams weren’t just a, well, dream, but a tangible reality. I still have doubts but when I wonder “can I do this?”, I have proof that says “yes you can”.

4) You can share it with the world

You may want to keep your baby to yourself. That’s fine. But once it’s finished, you’ll have the option to send it out into the wide world. This may mean sharing it on a blog or writing website. It may even mean self-publishing or trying to bag a publisher. Whatever your aim is, it becomes a lot easier to do if you finish the damn book!

5) When someone asks you what you’ve written you can say…

“THIS! This magnificent masterpiece right here, hahahahaha, in your face!”


People have a habit of asking this when you tell them you’re a writer so having your book finished, gives you a solid reply. And if they ask if you’ve written anything they may have read, you can thrust your book at them and say ‘Not yet, but let me help you with that!’

So that’s five fine reasons to finish your book. What are you waiting for? Get to it! Oh but before you go, if you have any reasons you’d like to share, leave them in the comments below!

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