What’s your Literary Caffeine?

It’s one thing to get inspired to write, it’s a whole other ball game to keep it going. When you’re ploughing through the re-writes and fighting away the demons of doubt, it can be tempting to just go watch YouTube videos instead. It’s at these times you need a shot of literary caffeine.

Creative stimulants can come in various forms (no not those forms), but ideally it should be easy to access and quick in imbibe (in a metaphorical sense). Here are some ideas to try.

Grab a magazine about writing

With a subscription, you always have one to hand. Even easier get a digital sub and they’ll be right there on your favourite digital device. To get your dose of caffeine, just pick an issue and start reading. I guarantee you’ll be itching to put fingers to keyboard (or pen) in no time at all. I’ve been reading the Writing Magazine for years and it always works for me.

Take a look at your bookshelf

This is a dead easy one. We’ve all got a bookshelf or shelves or piles of books stacked haphazardly around the house. Go look at them. See all those names? They were where you are now, struggling to tell their story. But they did it. So take a book, open it and read their words. Imagine being there on that shelf with them. Then put it back and get down to it.

Catch up with a writing blogger or vlogger

This isn’t self-promotion honest (you’re already here after all), but there are many writing bloggers and vloggers out there – in fact you probably follow some already. Turn on one of their vids or pull out a blog post. Absorb their enthusiasm and get back on the writing waggon.

Read your other work

You’ve probably got more than a few bits of your work floating about. Dive in and read some. Yes some of it might not be brill, but you’ll probably be surprised by what you’ve come up with. A good line or two could be just what you need to remind yourself, hey I’m good at this.

So what about you? What’s your ‘literary caffeine’? Please share in the comments.

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