4 Ways To Stay Motivated To Write

Writing is a lonely art and sometimes a right old slog. Whether you’re mired in your third edit, or stuck in the wobbly middle of your first draft, it can be hard to stay motivated to write. This may seem odd because as writers, we love writing. But that doesn’t mean we’re always amped up to do it. It’s natural to feel like you don’t want to or can’t write no matter how much you love it or your work in progress. You’re human not a machine. But if you need a bit of help to get back writing, here are some ideas to try.

1) Remember why you started

Whether it be starting your most recent work or just starting writing full stop, cast your mind back to why you initially put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard). What did it feel like? What sparked you off and made you eager to continue? Think about why you wanted to tell your particular story? How you wanted to share your characters and ideas. Re-engaging with those feelings can help give you the impetus to continue.

2) Take breaks

Remember what I said in the introduction about said being human? We can be very good at focusing on something for a long period of time, but we all need to take breaks. And by this, I don’t just mean taking a break in an actual writing session. I mean it’s ok to go away and leave a project for a few weeks or even months. You can work on something else or you can do nothing writing wise. I promise it won’t make you any less of a writer. On the contrary, having time to think and let your subconscious roam, can have a re-energising effect on your imagination.

3) Reward yourself

There’s nothing wrong with imagining you’re a child again, getting a little treat for doing your chores – think of it as metaphorical pocket money. Writing can be fun but sometimes it’s just a case of getting something down so you can make it better. And that can be a chore. The treat can be whatever you fancy – an episode of your favourite TV show, a tasty snack, a new book or an afternoon out. Whatever works to motivate you through the hard parts.

4) Talk to other writers

We’re everywhere. If you’re lucky you might know some in real life. Or you’ll find all kinds of writers online. You can connect via social media, in forums, and in writing groups. We’ve all gone through the same problems and felt the same things. Often just getting it all out and talking helps to make you feel more relaxed about what you’re experiencing and can keep you going on your writing journey.

So there are four ideas to help motivate you to write – do you have any others? Please share in the comments.

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