Milestone Musings (I’m Still Here)

I try to post once a week, but I took last week off as it was my birthday. I’m going to use that excuse again (sort of) as it’s a milestone birthday which means I get to stretch it out a bit. So this will be a short, personal post instead of writing advice or somewhere I’ve explored.

I was thinking that I should probably come up with something profound to say now I’ve hit this threshold. Some good knowledge that comes with age. Something meaningful and important. Hmm, yeah that’s not going to happen.

Age doesn’t equal wisdom. A lot of problems in the world come from people who think they know everything about everything when they don’t and refuse to admit otherwise. I’ve learned a lot in my time on Earth – but I also know it’s never going to be enough. If there’s one thing you have to have as a writer, it’s an open mind (although as Terry Pratchett said, people will insist on trying to put things into it).

From a personal point of view, I don’t like to look back too much. I’m not one for nostalgia, and I definitely don’t see the old days as uniformly “good”. They are what they are. Part of me would have liked by now to be a full-time writer in a little cottage by the sea with two dogs, a cat, three chickens, and a duck (not that I’ve thought about it too much). But that’s not where I am (yet). And that’s okay.

I know there are people who set a life target and hit it – boom. Good for them. But I think that while it’s good to have plans and goals and targets, it’s not good to hang your whole worth on them. Because most of us have to contend with a few curve balls chucked at us in this thing called life, and we just have to go with it. I’ve not had too many curve balls to deal with fortunately, and I’ve got a lot of great people in my life. And that’s pretty good.

Anyway, that’s enough of me waffling. Next week, usual service will resume with some cracking new places I explored during my week off.

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6 thoughts on “Milestone Musings (I’m Still Here)

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  1. Happy birthday. Yes, age doesn’t equal wisdom. My grandmother was an unhappy and unfortunately closed off woman who never allowed herself to consider new ways of thinking. I try and do the opposite-keep as positive as I can and always always seek new skills and experiences.

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  2. For me? Personally? Excellent post and ya said it just right and I hear ya, on so many fronts – and well…..Yup, the older I get the less I think I know on some fronts, the more I try to share with others what I think I’ve learned, or how I, for better or worse, managed survive the hard hits and disappointments in Life – thus, for me, myself and I? Hear ya, right there with ya on all you wrote, that I drank in given my perspective filter and yeah – the ‘good ole days’ is often filled with pain and hurt and dissapointments – I remember a conversation I had with a family member, two Christmas Eves ago, when he was in need for ‘something’ but has little patience for ‘nostalgia/memories’ of the past – and the bridge formed when I said, in reply to his ‘impatient’ plea of “I don’t do nostalgia, that’s just the path for pain”, I said,

    “For me? I am trying, best way I know how, to tell you, I hear what you are saying – I witness where you struggle, I cheer where you stand, fight, make sacrifices or bear in silence, alone, the hard things you take on – I’m sorry I don’t know how to say, or express to you, my respect and love for you, and all you do, better, in a way you can hear it – I only wished to tell you – those before you, whom you grieve for, but do not wish to share your grief? I have no doubt, you are of their blood – and while I may drive ya crazy, with my attempts, never forget – I see you through the beautiful lens of the the beautiful ways of being, those who came before us, had to – this is my way of saying – “I love you, wish to show you support” –

    Takes all kinds and we all show up where we love, to share the best we’ve got, best as we can – never apologize for not any of it – I do nostalgia – you walk your path – but, over and over? I find and know my heart better, learn more, commune with you – when you just ‘show up’ as you are –

    I know! Cuz I’ve been witness to it for some time and ya ain’t ever let me down, yet! ❤

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  3. First, Happy Belated Birthday! Hope you had a wonderful day.

    And, I fully agree… age does not equal wisdom. I know far too many seniors in my age group who struggle daily with common sense. Wise sages they are not. Yet, I’ve encountered many “young’uns” who are wise beyond their years, and I was able to glean wisdom from them. (Count yourself in that group! 🙂 )

    Life is a journey and we get out what we put in. All of our struggles are different and they make us the people we are. Sometimes we learn and sometimes we lose, which is okay as long we don’t give up. 🙂

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