Exploring Highgate Cemetery

Highgate East cemetery is one of the biggest and oldest graveyards in London. It's split into two sides, East and West. Both sides are open to visit for a fee - but the West requires a tour, whilst the East lets you wander at will. The cemetery was one of a number built and run... Continue Reading →

Bookish Book Bag Bargain

Trying saying that three times fast! I just had to share with you this squee inducing find (yes I said squee) I discovered at the weekend. I have coveted many a bag from Paperchase but their prices can be a bit steep, so I couldn't believe my book loving eyes when I saw this in... Continue Reading →

Prose – Hildegard the Wielder

They called her Hildegard the Wielder. At first glance, it was not easy to understand why. She was but a young woman, small and slight, with tangled dark hair and dark, knowing eyes. There was nothing out of the ordinary about her. On second glance though, things became clearer. Strapped across her back, was a sword... Continue Reading →

A novella way to write a book

Novellas. The spotty teen of the literary world it seems. Not as cute and concise as the short story, nor as mature and deep as the full blown novel. But wait a second, could it be that our sulky teen is just misunderstood? There isn't a single definition of what a novella is but, broadly... Continue Reading →

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