Books That Get Under Our Skin – Literary Tattoos

The classic horror aficionados amongst you will recognise the quote above from Bram Stoker’s Dracula. The tattoo and the arm it sits on belong to my friend Kasi. This is her favourite line from her favourite book, and it’s now permanently embossed on her skin.

Tattoos are well in the mainstream now and literary ones are hugely popular. There are plenty of websites and blogs dedicated to showing the myriad of literary tattoos out there. Search for just about any popular book and you will find scores of people inked up to show their love for it. Images of books and quotes about reading in general also adorn many a body.

I’ve been mulling the idea of getting one myself. I’d also want to choose something from my favourite book, Alice in Wonderland. Whether I’d choose a quote (We’re all mad here) or an image like a pocket watch, I’m not sure. That presupposes I could stand the pain of course!

It’s a great testament to the power of books I think. We love these things so much that we want to paint the words and pictures and feelings they conjure within us on our skin, to carry with us forever.

Who out there has a literary tattoo? Would you ever get one? And if you did, what would it be?

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3 thoughts on “Books That Get Under Our Skin – Literary Tattoos”

  1. Ooh, tattoos. Slightly obsessed by them, though still saving up for my first… An Alice-themed one I really liked (with some other crossover though) was this:

    Kind of simple, but not just text.

    Also this (sorry for the ugly link – can’t remember if html works on WordPress comments):

    Good luck if you’re thinking of getting one! And definitely fork out for a good tattoo artist. : )


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