My Brain and I have Words

Me: Okay, work is over, washing up is done, laundry in on, dinner has been eaten, TV is off, headphones are on, inspiring music is playing – brain, let’s write.
Brain: ….
Me: Oh come on. I’ve only got a few hours before I have to go to bed. Play ball.
Brain: …
Me: If you work with me for an hour I’ll let you chill out and watch E News – okay?
Brain: …
Me: Don’t look at me like that. I know it’s been a long day, but I did give you chocolate earlier. Remember that? Remember how good that was?
Brain: …
Me: Don’t sulk. Don’t you dare sulk!
Brain: …
Me: You’re making me break my I-will-write-everyday resolution.
Brain: …


Brain: What’s this? You’re trying to sleep? But I thought we were working! I’ve got this great idea for the book, OMG you would not believe this twist…
Me: …

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