The Snow Road

Picture of frozen lake

I wish we were back on the snow road,
in that little red car
with the sun above us.
You’ll be driving, laughing at my jokes,
I love making you laugh.

We’ll slalom down the
black liquorice strip between
white teeth,
snow banks sliced,
and diced,
split open to let us pass.

We’ll eye-spy huts,
across linen sail plains,
and pretend to be the
for just a moment.

We’ll stop for photos
at a blue flavoured lake,
and you’ll raise your arms to the heavens,
then wrap them round me and
I’ll feel pure.

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5 thoughts on “The Snow Road

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  1. Just lovely! What else is there to say! Oh, thank you also for introducing me to the writings of a marvelous human being — Terry Pratchett. He seems to be largely unknown here in the USA, but now I’m burning to read as many of his works as possible. 😛



    1. Thank you very much for your kind words. Ah I could wax lyrical about Terry Pratchett all day long, he is truly a gift to the world. I truly hope you enjoy reading him!


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