So I did Write (a little bit)

Hellooooo everybody! I'm back from my holiday - the photo above is of the view from our villa. Yeah is was pretty awesome! Anyhoo in reference to my previous post, I did manage to do some writing. A teeny tiny bit of oh, say a couple of hundred words. Not much but it's better than nothing... Continue Reading →

Prose – Postcard from Norway

We took the car ferry across the glossy Sognefjord to the Norwegian Glacier Museum. Inside, three huge cocooning screens showed a film that flew us over the glaciers that spread over the country. Afterwards, it was only fitting that we visited a real glacier - or at least part of it. The Boyabreen arm of... Continue Reading →

The Snow Road

I wish we were back on the snow road, in that little red car with the sun above us. You'll be driving, laughing at my jokes, because I love making you laugh. We'll slalom down the black liquorice strip between white teeth, snow banks sliced, and diced, split open to let us pass. We'll eye-spy... Continue Reading →

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