It’s Finished! Sort of.

After many machinations, alterations, deletions, frustrations and other things ending with -tion I have finally finished The Book. I have bits of this book on my computer that date back to 2011 – yikes!

All 29 chapters now stand before me, hovering somewhere between novella and novel (I haven’t done a word count yet as I save individual chapters as files).

Of course there is  a catch.  Whilst I’ve finally filed in all the gaps and have a real, coherent story, the book still needs more editing. A second edit in some places and a third edit all over. I’ve followed my own advice and put it to the side for a while. I’m going to write some blog posts and finish work on a poem to keep my brain occupied during this lull. But I can’t wait as long as I’d like because the deadline looms. I don’t think I’ll hit it but it will certainly give me a push!

How did you feel when you finished (first or final draft)? What did you do when the moment came?

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