Why do Blogs become Vacant?

I went through the blogs I follow recently and was surprised by how many had been ‘vacated’. Some bloggers posted about how they were taking a break or leaving entirely. Others had gone onto their own website (and good on them).

The ones that intrigued me, were those that just stopped, the last posting giving no hint about any intention to disappear. I can’t help but wonder what happened and whether they will return.

We all blog for different reasons. Maybe some people only write when the mood takes them. Or perhaps life took over and some things fell by the wayside. I hope that whatever took over was something happy.

I did have to cull some of the blogs. I hope I wasn’t too ruthless and I followed a new blog for each one I had to unfollow which made me feel better.

Now I have started blogging and blogging regularly I can’t imagine stopping. It’s my tiny part of the online world, connecting me with like minded people everywhere.

Why do you blog? Have you ever left the blogging sphere and then returned?

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6 thoughts on “Why do Blogs become Vacant?

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  1. I’m still here. I’ve deleted 3 blogs in the past. I just killed one on tumbler last month; it never got any love. I blog to get more exposure for my writing, because all the books say you have to. I culled my follows the other day down to what I like and who in actively following my blog. Word Press says I have over 600 followers, but I count less than 35. I’ll cull again at the end of this month.

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  2. I’m considering taking a break for the month of May. I’m still on the fence whether I should go private so I’m not tempted to keep coming back… but there’s no way I can let people know what happened to me. If they miss the announcement that it’s only temporary then they’re going to think I’m gone for good. Which sucks. Tough decision.
    I love being on WordPress but sometimes life does have to take precedence.

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