Stone Cold Toad

Observe if you will the subject,
the glass across her shows,
a clear-cut image of the creature inside,
the gluttonous stone-cold toad.

See how it sits in the darkness,
concealed in the subjects gut,
with limbs of purple and emerald green,
with eyes sewed firmly shut.

You’ll note from its mouth emerges,
two protuberances of red,
these entwine and travel up the spine,
and finish inside the head.

Here it will feast, bloated and wet,
enough to maim but not kill,
but sometimes one can feed too much,
And the subject becomes forever still.

See now how your eyes widen in shock,
but without the glass there’s no trace,
of the foul and loathsome stone-cold toad
and where it sits in it’s place.

See you recoil from the subject,
see you mock or run and hide,
but this glass upon any of you,
t’would reveal a stone-cold toad inside.


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