6 Reasons Why you Might want to Buy my Book

My ebook ‘Under this Skin‘, is up for sale on Amazon Kindle and here are six reasons to buy my book:

1. You like contemporary fantasy

This book is a fantasy/horror set in present day reality. And if that’s your bag baby you should give it a whirl.

2. You like a bargain

£1.99 is less than a cup of High Street coffee and for that sum you’ll get a gathering of original words in a pleasing order to be read again and again. Bargain.

3. You want something fast-paced

There’s nothing wrong with a Game of Thrones-type epic but sometimes you need something a bit more nippy. At 55,000-odd words, my book gets into the story with no messing about.

4. You want to be amused

Fantasy can be super serious. This book does deal with some nitty-gritty themes it’s true, but it’ll also make you giggle.

5. You like cats

If the Internet has taught me anything it’s that everyone loves cats. And this book has one. But not too much of one if you’re not enamoured with cats.

You’ll make me happy

And I’ll share that happiness with the people around me. So you’ll be ‘spreading the love’ far and wide. Massive Karma bonus for you eh?

So hopefully that’s piqued your interest. But if not, that’s okay. You can still come by and visit anytime (as long as you bring me a kitty).

Interested? Go get ‘Under this Skin’ now!

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