Want Something Scary to Read this Halloween? ‘Tales from the Creeping Edges’ will be available to download 31st October

Halloween is a time to curl up inside, away from the dark and damned. It’s a time to dim the lights, light the fire and read my collection of supernatural stories, ‘Tales from the Creeping Edges’. That’s right folks, my next e-book will be ready to buy on the 31st October.

The world looks ordinary, but the unearthly lies just around the edges, creeping ever closer. These twelve tales show you where it can be found – and what to be wary of. 

In ‘Feed the Little Children’, Ivy explores an abandoned building and meets its ghoulish resident. Lee and his friends travel down a street that doesn’t exist in ‘Creek End’. And David comes face to face with temptation in a parallel universe in ‘Mr Spectors’ Circumstances have Changed’.

These stories and more all feature in this chilling, darkly humorous and sometimes plain weird collection.

‘Tales from the Creeping Edges’ – available 31st October only on Amazon Kindle.

And if you want a taste of my writing, download my first book ‘Under This Skin’ from Amazon for only 99p or free with Kindle Unlimited.

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