Get My Spooky Short Story Collection for Free This Halloween

Young Ivy explores a mysterious building in the middle of a field and meets its ghoulish resident in “Feed the Little Children”.

Lee and his friends dare each other to travel down “Creek End”, a street no adult can see.

David faces deadly temptation in a parallel universe in “Mr Spectors’ Circumstances have Changed”.

“Effigy” tells the tale of a prank gone wrong and the terrible revenge exacted upon the ‘Guy’ deemed responsible.

And in “Close Encounters for the Whole Family”, a naive farm girl makes first contact with aliens – but it doesn’t lead to the outcome the world is hoping for.

Between now and 28 Oct, my ebook “Tales from the Creeping Edges” is FREE to download on Amazon Kindle. And if that isn’t quite enough of an incentive, read on for some more reasons to hit download.

It’s the right time of year for scary stories

When others are endlessly flicking through Netflix trying to find a decent scary movie, you can curl up with this book safe in the knowledge you can pick from any one of 12 stories to satisfy your need for the spook.

It’s free

Did I mention that? Absolutely free. Everyone likes a free thing right? Well a nice free thing obviously, not someone’s old underpants! Hm shouldn’t have mentioned underpants. Ignore that. Just think ah, a nice free thing!

It’ll be yours to re-visit it again and again

A scary story is for life not just for Halloween. These tiny tales of terror can entertain you at any time, be it on the train, a few moments in the bath or whilst you wait for the kettle to boil.

It’s something different

These short stories are light on cliche and big on twists. There here to give you a taste of something unusual but still thrilling – and if you want something a bit longer, my supernatural fantasy “Under This Skin” is also available to buy or free on Kindle Unlimited.

It may lead to other things

Like for example, my other ebook “Under This Skin” (subtle huh?). This full length novel follows Trude who, followed an unexpected death, starts to experience some unusual “growing pains”.

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