This Writing Life – Expectation Vs Reality

Writing spot

“I’ll have a room just for me, full of books, with a desk and a view, maybe an armchair…”“I have a laptop, a smidge of clear space on the sofa, and ten minutes – let’s do this.”


“I’ll put together a comprehensive list of things to research and wiz through it, no worries.”“So that was the biggest earthquake…and that’s how killer whales hunt…hang on, I wonder how you make a cape…”

First draft

“All first drafts are bad, it’s just me getting my ideas down. Everything can be fixed.”“It sucks, I suck, words suck – ah I’ll just skip this bit and come back to it. And this bit. And this.”


“Here’s where the magic happens. I’ve got good bones, so things can only get better!”“Why is Larry now named Steve? I can’t have them meet in Paris when she’s still in Sao Paulo! None of this makes any sense.”


“It’s just a simple, clear breakdown of my story – easy.”“This. Is. Hell.”


“Reading is essential to being a writer. It will help me learn how to improve – and I enjoy it!”“This is God tier. I’m never going to be this good. I should just give up now. Also I would die for this book.”

And finally

“I’ve got the cover design, the blurb, the tagline, and the cast for the film adaptation all worked out.”“What do you mean I have to actually write the book first??”

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4 thoughts on “This Writing Life – Expectation Vs Reality

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  1. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ – – Me? I read/research/surf – and THEN a bookmark, a picture of the book section, a link is saved – in ‘research notes’ file for ‘To Write” with lil synopsis card, or short outline, to display my ‘thoughts on the matter’ that ‘someday’ I’ll write about – – – Sigh – Which means massive clean up of ‘To Write’ file, often – because often? I read over and think, “Did I write this out, while drunk?? Why was that important?? What the heck does that heading in the outline mean/refer to???” –
    Delete, Delete, Delete – AH-HA! Yes, I must write about this one – it has survived 5 years, 2 computer/external hard drive backup failures – thus, THIS should be written/edited etc. – cuz doesn’t that lil ole thingee come up, over and over and over – – ??? πŸ˜€

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