Poetry – Woodsmoke

It is on days like these, when the trees stand still and haggard, when the ground is brown fluttered I can think of no better place than this old Earth. The air bites and tingles, the grass thinned, as I stand in choking woodsmoke, inhaling the beauty. Wrapped tight and head bound, we wander through... Continue Reading →

Poetry – Words like Knives

I use words like knives and slice up your heart, but you must know I love you. I disappear to dark days and leave you stranded here, but your must know I need you. I have bruises under my skin and you must not touch them, but you must know I feel you. I hide... Continue Reading →

Poetry – Dad

You make jokes that would make 70's comedians' cringe, and wear socks with sandals. Without irony. You're the best Dad ever. Without irony. Thank-you.

Poetry – Ignorance is Bliss

My ignorance of you is bliss, a power so sweet and hot. Infatuation I am made for, reality I am not. My stomach fills with pleasing fire, my mind with gossamer threads. We roam until the sun comes up, then tumble into bed. My fingertips don’t need to know you, each inch is already mine.... Continue Reading →

Poetry – Rooted

  On the carpet her slick dark halo and pink legs swim in the crescent studded dust. Salt dries in the black, ears sealed, she pushes down. Splintered glitter through concrete, the tips caress the naked the lost and the blessed. Beyond burnt lights, warm grease plugs the gaps. Someone shouts turn the music down.... Continue Reading →

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