The Witcher In The Wild – Fountain Abbey And Rydal Cave

If you’re a fan of anything in the fantasy genre, you’re probably aware of “The Witcher”. The series started as books, then became video games, and now it’s a popular TV series on Netflix.

I became familiar with “The Witcher” via the games first, then the TV series, and now I’m trying out the books (early days but going good). If you’re a fan of fantasy with a bit of edge (as in the monsters ain’t the real monsters) and a certain sense of humour then I’d recommend giving them a try.

A lot of the second TV series was filmed in the UK – so there are more than a few locations you can visit. And I do like visiting things! This post is a twofer – two visits for the price of one.

First, Fountains Abbey which is an amazing ruin in its own right, so even if you’re not a fan of The Witcher it’s a great place to visit.

The Abbey is surprisingly intact given Henry VIII’s fondness for tearing them down. It was one of the richest in the land at one point and you can certainly tell that by its size. After the Dissolution, it was looted for building materials by subsequent landowners. However, a substantial amount remains and it now belongs to the National Trust.

As well as The Witcher, parts of “Omen III”, “Gunpowder” and “The Secret Garden”, we’re all filmed here among other productions.

The second location is Rydal Cave in the Lake District. Situated between Grasmere and Rydal, the cave is actually man-made, created by slate mining, and used to be called Loughrigg Quarry. It’s now flooded but still accessible via a line of stepping stones. If you’re walking in the area, it’s a pretty neat diversion with an excellent echo.

What do you think? Have you visited any places used for filming The Witcher? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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