Prose – The Moon

It was the moon that made her fall. She had been running for an age, scratched and bloodied on her feet and arms with scalp and back slick with sweat. Her scarf was long lost and her hair, haphazard gold and dark tones, flowed behind her like a sail. The trees were dark guards, the... Continue Reading →

Prose – The Big Guy

The thin faced Drone is taking me to see The Big Guy. I’m not surprised. The day I arrived he’d told me The Big Guy was a fan of my work. I’m just happy to get away from the endless filing. We walk through the office. It’s the greyest place I’ve ever seen. The walls,... Continue Reading →

Poetry – The Doll

The scratching became a tapping, that soon became a crying, I heard the voice inside me, in my bedroom down below. ‘Mice,’ said my mother, clucking, so my father got to trapping, and I waited for the screaming, in my bedroom down below. A doll found silent sitting, like the bride forever waiting, they called... Continue Reading →

Sheep’s Head Soup

(From as-yet unfinished short story)  We dropped Ben off at his lodgings and I stayed in the car, pretending to be absorbed in the local guide book as he and Runa said their goodbyes. As she drove us back through the undulating shadow of the mountains, I could see the tension returning to her form.... Continue Reading →

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