Walking Watership Down

Is Watership Down a children’s book? It’s significantly darker than most books aimed at kids, especially ones where the central characters are bunnies. But whether you read the book or were simply traumatised by the 1978 film, Richard Adam’s 1972 book has left an indelible mark and is widely considered a classic.

Watership Down itself is an actual place, and now that we can venture a bit further afield we took the opportunity to visit.

There is a car park essentially opposite the down, from where you can actually take a few different walks. Cross the road and you don’t have to go far to be on the down.

Either side of the track has been fenced off for horse training which is a shame as you can’t quite explore as much as you might like. 

And this being, well, a field, there’s not anything specific to see. But it’s a very nice spot for a walk and a picnic, with a glorious view. Somewhere there’s also meant to be a plaque where Adams would sit and write. Unfortunately, we couldn’t locate it. But that just means we’ll have to go back and find it!

Have you ever visited this area? What are your experiences with the book or film? Please share in the comments.

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4 thoughts on “Walking Watership Down

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  1. Haven’t ever visited, read the book or seen the movie, but apparently, I need to add the book and/or movie to my list of things to do – :). will report back if appropo, once I have actually ‘done’ – 🙂

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    1. Seems like the film crops up at least once a year (weirdly at Christmas). I warn you it is quite shocking in parts even as an adult. Your idea of bunnies may change forever. So er approach with caution!

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      1. thanks for the warning – since I was traumatized at the age of four because Bambi’s mother got killed, I think, perhaps, I might be able to survive the hit – but appreciate the ‘heads up!” – 🙂

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