Light and Literature – Stourhead Library

(Pre-lockdown visit m'kay) This will probably come as a surprise to absolutely no-one, but my favourite part of any big, old house is the library. Frankly, a grand house without a library is just a waste of time. Stourhead in Wiltshire contains one of my favourite grand house libraries. It's a gorgeously light and airy... Continue Reading →

Breaking Books

One of the earliest posts I did was ab0ut my five favourite books.  The list varies depending on my mood but one that’s always there is Microserfs by Douglas Coupland.  I call it my comfort book.  I read it when I’m down or ill.  Not all of it, sometimes just a chapter or two where... Continue Reading →

Bookish Book Bag Bargain

Trying saying that three times fast! I just had to share with you this squee inducing find (yes I said squee) I discovered at the weekend. I have coveted many a bag from Paperchase but their prices can be a bit steep, so I couldn't believe my book loving eyes when I saw this in... Continue Reading →

A Room of One’s Own

Finding space to write in our small flat can be tricky. I worked at a bureau in the living room, opposite the door. It was draughty and the TV was a constant distraction. In short, it was not conducive to being creative. Just off our living room is a small alcove, ostensibly for use as... Continue Reading →

What’s in your bookcase?

I adore bookcases. Well, show me a writer who doesn't? They are my favourite pieces of furniture and needless to say libraries both big and small invariably send me to my happy place. One day I'm going to have a room covered with floor to ceiling bookcases and one of those wee ladders that rolls... Continue Reading →

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